In a world where there are soo many things going on, negativity, bitterness, disasters, disappointments and so much more. If you are not careful and not strong in your faith can fall victim to the things of the world and those circumstances that you feel have no end. When Women Pray is our platform to offer encouragement and transparency and a prayer section, with LisaBlessed and a special guest to speak on things we as Women and Men face which aren’t always spoken about.

Empowered United Women works with broken women, who want to grow through the pain, to overcome and be equipped and move in purpose. There are many aspects to EUW, one of the main aspects is to be transparent in sharing our testimonies to bring healing and deliverance from the grips of pain.

Which is presented in When Women Pray. Whether it be purpose, abuse, relationships, loss, depression, self-harming etc. We as a community of Women, want to encourage you and always support each other to share openly what God has done in their lives, to be a blessing and to be blessed. As well as to show the importance of unity.

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                                                   WHEN IN A CRISIS- 

Know who you serve and cast all your cares upon Him because He cares for you and will always see you through.”
”It is easy to worry and play the victim whilst running to get the solution from others. But the moment you stand still in the crisis and rest in God, His guidance will be enough to see you through.



I know what it is like to live a life of pain in darkness so now when the devil comes to me I laugh and rejoice because anytime there’s an attack that’s when the breakthrough is near.”

”I am not for every man, and not every man is for me, I have standards not to boast to let Christ be seen in me when I act and talk.”

”I smile not because all is well, but I smile knowing that my life is in the hands of my Father, and He never makes mistakes.”

”Its not your job to fix someone but it is your job to pray for them and lead them to God. Be an example and generation impact changer. We need what God has deposited inside of you.”

”Build yourself up in the word of God, use it as your tool to build on your knowledge, more about self, how to walk in purpse and more. You are with you all the time so have a high expectation of yourself and how to get better moving forward.”

”Dont allow yourself to be stagnant while the world is moving forward and then question where God is when all along He was there but you neglected His voice and command due to comparison and envy. Be mindful of what you allow.”

”Books, sermons etc are all good to have and learn from and the word of God too. Do not neglect the bible for those, you need the newness of the revelations from the word to minister to you in your ways everyday.”

”Do not apply secondary faith to your walk in Christ to neglect one to one intimacy with God for other resorces or people. Not that they arent good but let God’s word be the ultimate.”

”When God calls you He will equip you to do it, do not become complacent. God gives us all choices, your choice to remain the same even after God has called you shows your lack of maturity and faith living inside a box. Dont let comfort hold you back. Build yourself up you are a student of life not a student of comfort zones.”

”When you love yourself and know whose you are, you will make sure that self growth is key. So that everything you do will add and not limit you elevating to greater heights.”

”In all that you do you should be able to look back and see your growth and the result of doing things differently in each step you take. A child of God does not remain the same unless they reject change.”

The word says in 2 Timothy 2:15 “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.” -
In all things in life do your best and nothing less, present yourself well, take care of your mind body and soul, be a representative of Christ here on earth, knowing that your past should not have to hold you back but rather keep you going to be and do better as you live your Christ like standards.”

2 Timothy 3:16-17 “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work.” - Let the word of God do a good work in you daily, let what is written penetrate your heart to be renewed and corrected to do as God instructs and not what the flesh or people say. What are you feeding your spirit with?”

”Let the inspiration from the word of God be your focus in everything, do not pick and choose what to submit to the word of God, it is our standard, it is truth, it is real.”

”The word of God is our safeguard to false teachings, people’s wrong intentions, the enemies plans and more. Equip yourself with it. Do you do that daily?”

”Discover more of the word and be confident in what God says He will do in your life, to become who He says you will be despite the attacks that are thrown your way.”

”Life is a journey and on that journey the decisions you make, what you feed your spirit with, the work on your character, your outlook on life and more, will all play its role in you becoming a major impactful investor in yourself. Dont rely on anyone for that, they dont understand you like God does, dont let them guide the way and lead you away from God’s will for your life.