Hello Everyone,

We trust that you are well, we want to thank you all for connecting with the Empowered United Women Ministry, investing your time, donations, prayers and love it is all appreciated and may God continue to bless you more and more in all that you do. We also love hearing from you daily about how blessed you are by the E.U.W Ministry, all glory goes to God.

Before we go on to the importance of what this page addresses, we want to also bring your attention to the CONTACT US TAB above which covers the ways to contact to us, ask us questions, volunteer etc.

Back to the importance of this page - Partnering with E.U.W: Along the way we have had people ask to partner with E.U.W whether it be serving in events, partnering their ministry with ours, taking charge of specific areas etc. God has been soo faithful so far and we believe He has been divinely connecting us to new people who have a heart to connect and serve with E.U.W. We don’t take it lightly and pray for those we choose to speak on the platform, as well as serve in and behind the scenes. We feel it is now the time for what God has been showing and bringing our way in terms of partnership, to make it more vocal to act on it.

So if you are a ministry, or sole person who would like to partner up with E.U.W, please do fill in the brief form below and we will be in touch to talk and see how best the Lord would have us serve together.

If you would like to give regular donations to the work of E.U.W please also fill in the form and make this clear what you would like to do and again we would be in touch.

Once again God bless you all for your prayers and for wanting to partner with E.U.W

Speak soon



We love you, praying for you and thank you all again.

God bless you all