First of all I want to thank God for all that He has done for me, for how far He has bought me and for all He has taught me up until now. Without Him I don’t know where I would be today, without Him I am nothing…BUT with Him I am something. So Father thank you for everything and especially the vision you laid on my heart.


I will talk about some of the things from a while ago in my second year that led me to hearing from God about Ministry. I would say that the big turning point in my life came about in my second year of University from the bad came the good and what was soo special about it was that God was involved and within a minute, changed my life there and then. It was a complete turn around and I’m soo thankful to Him for that. Because like I always say I don’t know where I would be right now if it was not for Him. At times I sit and think about that and most times I say to myself I probably would have been dead or living a life of someone who is alive with a heartbeat but living a dead stagnant life. Praise be to God its nothing like that now.


There were good friends and some bad friends, as you will have it in university and at the time, the term ‘friends’ meant something, but it was more of speaking to everyone and getting by in the ‘uni life’ The year started okay and everything was normal really. Until I started speaking more to one particular friend mostly on MSN, back in the day that was one of the best forms of communication other than our phones. So I was speaking to male friend on there and at the time a friend of mine said she wanted me to play match maker and set her up with someone. So the guy I was speaking to on MSN seemed to fit the criteria and so without further delay I told him about it and he seemed interested. So long story cut short we planned to meet the guy, my friend and myself but on that particular day he couldn’t make it and so last minute told me he had a friend I probably knew who was interested and he would be the one to show up to see us.

My friend also couldn’t make it and so I still went along with seeing the guy to see what he was about and if he would be a good match for my friend. Met up and he seemed okay but (on face value) what I didn’t know and found out later was that this wasn’t just an average guy but quite a dangerous, no nonsense guy who was well known and feared by many (king Of East) if you like. After some time of talking to him outside the uni house I was staying in, (he also went to my uni and it was easy for him to locate as he lived close by). His phone rang and on the other side I could hear a lot of noise like hyped up guys, wanting to know where he was and he was telling them he was at uni talking to someone, but didn’t give much away until they kept questioning him and he eventually told them my name and that I also went to the uni.

Following that the guys wanted to come and see me, yes imagine see me, so they (it was a group of them) wanted to come down and the guy I was talking to was saying that I didn’t want them to come as I don’t know them, words were exchanged and the phone cut. Some time later his phone rang, one of the guys who called earlier said that there was an altercation over what had happened during the first phone call and someone had been seriously injured. At the time I was actually shocked and went into the house and peeped through the window fearing that they may come. Some time passed and as if I knew some of the guys had come around to try to me see and thankfully I wasn’t outside. Began to think it was some sort of set up.

Over time after that incident the injury was put on me and they were all blaming me for what had happened to whoever it was that got injured. To be honest, I was worried, scared, confused and angry at the time with soo much running through my mind. Because of what I had heard and was very annoyed. One I wasn’t there, two if I didn’t know them I wouldn’t have allowed them come by especially as I didn’t trust them and the hyped behaviour they displayed on the phone. From that moment onwards the guy I met, who I planned to show my friend, took the role of becoming an 'over possessive boyfriend; to me, absurd but true. So I ended up having to stay low underhouse arrest, moving from lectures to the house, lectures to the house and over some time that is how it was unless I came to London.


He got my number from the friend Im sure and bombarded me with texts and phone calls but I wouldn’t respond (to act as though I lost my phone, thinking he would give up, I was wrong). On one occasion he saw me out and stopped me and demanded to know why I was ignoring him etc and I explained to him that I didn’t like what was going on and wanted no part of it. He told me that he saved my life from the guys the other day and that I owed him for that and I wasn’t acting right, and then he reached out to try and grab my phone. I pulled back and he said watch and left me there. Now to me that was to say this isn’t over and in my mind I was like something soo small has escalated into something soo big where I would go out and get threatened. Another occasion he saw me and tried the same thing called me names and reacted, said he wasn’t listening to anything I had to say but I owed him and was acting stupid.

Time passed and things began to cool down a bit. On a Wednesday evening I was at my uni house reading and received a call from my dad. It was weird because he didn’t usually call me that late and on a weekday too. So I answered and I remember him asking how things were with uni so we spoke about the studies and then he said he wants to tell me something but I should be calm, but that God knows best… I said okay and asked what it was moments later he said ‘Lisa your granddad has died’………… My heart literally sank and I screamed, run outside and screamed some more before calling one of my close friends at the time to vent.

What hurt the most was that not long before that tragic event, I had gone to Ghana to visit him, being my first time in Ghana (2008) and first time seeing my granddad from my mother’s side, but the last grandchild to see him it was a blessing and indeed a great time spent away getting to know my granddad well. The time after I planned to go back to Ghana to visit my granddad as I had only seen him once and wanted that to change, only to hear that he had passed away, it hit me really hard and I lost it, couldn’t cope with it.

I was already going through my own issues at uni, it began to effect my studies, then my granddads death itcouldn’t get any worse and on top of all this I was in a relationship which was also getting effected. I was going off track and was weak in spirit. Lord I never understood how I overcame it all but I can only say thank you to you for me overcoming it all to live to tell it as one of my testimonies.In the midst of drowning God rescued me, gave me hope, peace and love.



It was just one thing after the other all coming down on me like a ton of bricks and I began to withdraw from people too. I was literally a walking zombie. Until one day I was home and heard a voice, a voice different like no other, speaking to me in my spirit saying along the lines of ‘Lisa you have to make a turn around and start afresh, take my hand and I will save you before it’s too late. The way you’re living is not the right way and will end badly, if you do not follow me.’ There was no one with me and that’s when I felt a touch and knew it was God. He came to rescue me, and just in time too. I knew of God but I didn’t know Him well enough to say I had a CONSISTENT relationship with Him, but God being soo good saved me in my darkest days and helped me get on track.


The guy eventually disappeared, I had my peace and happiness back, the relationship didn’t work and so we parted, then came into contact after some time and became friends. My studies began to pick up; I was finding myself again and was healing from my granddads death. All within a short space of time God was able to turn things around and help me move forward in a healthy, peaceful way. Don’t even want to think of what would have happened had it not been for God intervening to help take me out.


My second year especially was a breaking point for me and taught me a lot of valuable things. One is that you can’t trust anyone, two no matter how many people you talk to can still feel alone, three life is too short and precious and four God really is all we need. Because Of Him I made it through second year and third year even graduating, which I never thought I would be able to achieve, but I did it and became a proud graduate. It was not an easy year at all but it was worth it because I got to know God and change my ways. You see at that tender age of 19 I was still somewhat immature, young and lost (Spiritually) and so what I thought I knew as being right was not what was right in God’s eyes. I was young and didn’t know better and still had a lot to learn having gone straight to university from college at 18 years of age, it was a big stepping stone and one that got overwhelming at times. But the lessons I learnt were priceless. God had a plan for me all along but I had to go through some challenging times, to be at my lowest for Him to save me and for me to acknowledge what was happening and to know Him more, rather than live my way the wrong way.


I just thank God for that particular year because I learnt soo much but most importantly I was at the lowest stage in my life, I had ever been at and He came and rescued me and set me free. God is just too good and for that and many other things. He alone holds the number one spot in my life always will.


If there is anything that we should all remember is that when the devil sees something great in you, he doesn’t care who you are will try to destroy you so that you do not make it to your set destination to fulfil God’s destiny for your life. But that is from the pit of hell and will never reign over our lives God knows. So when things are getting too tough or you feel very low that you just want to give up. Look up and ask God for help and do not do things your own way, meditate on the word and lean on Him He knows best and every answer we need is written in the Bible. Why? Because it is our manual on how to live right by avoiding the mistakes our ancestors made and when we do how to get back up and not repeat the same mistakes again.

We all have our trials to face, storms will come but the beauty of it all is that we do not have to handle it all alone, because God is saying I will help you take my hand. So long as you believe in Him, hold on to your faith, courage, read your Bible and pray over it all it shall be well with you and you will come out of it.  To live another day and testify of God’s good works.