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A short video about the EUW Ministry, who we are and our values. One our values include- LOVE – A strong feeling, showing affection to those you love, the greatest sacrificial love from God –John 3:16. Show love to all, do not hate or speak badly about others, walk in love, we are all relational beings and love is the foundation.

The founder of EUW shared some of the lessons and reminders for what she learnt in 2017. One of the points left out is the importance of preparation, this year preparation was highlighted to in many ways, in terms of building a foundation, learning and developing new things and bringing the lessons learnt into 2018. Preparation can be defined as the process to make yourself available to prepare for something, an establishment of a new thing, person etc. 

In February 2016 the Empowered United Women's Ministry hosted their first ever conference called: Renewing The Faith & Restoring Love Back Into Women's Lives. Here we had spoken word, worship, testimonies Q&A panel, the Word and so much more. We discussed love, friendships, beauty, identity, purpose and so much more defining them by God's standards instead of the false definitions the world forces us to wrongly believe. Sit back and relax and enjoy a short overview of the power-packed day condensed into 4 minutes just for you!

The Empowered United Women's Ministry are hosting their FIRST EVER EVENT!!! We will have a Q&A panel, workshops, fellowship, discussions, spoken word, networking and so much more! In the presence of beautiful like minded women of God.