Hello Ladies,

Dear Father

I pray for every person reading this blog post may you be at the centre of everything that they do. May they grow, learn, adapt and be a blessing to everyone they come into contact with. I pray that they will build intimacy with you, run after you daily and have a firm foundation in all they do centred in Christ. So shall it be in your precious name we pray. Amen

So a few weeks ago I was out, waiting for someone and as I waiting, my attention turned to a homeless lady who was searching in the big dustbins for any food she could lay her hands on. I just sat and watched how determined she was, unashamed and on a mission to find food and drinks, that was wasted for her to take away. She took out good fruits left behind- which was sad, to think that there are people who need food, yet people who have it throw it away. The wastage of food was shocking.

She probably had it in mind that she would find a lot of food because she came with a bag to put the food in. Whether she was aware or not, there were people staring at her walking by as she was searching in the bins. She was so focused on getting the food to satisfy her hunger, that come what may she was going to get the food.

This led me to John 6:35 Jesus replied, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry again. Whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.”

As Christians, we should always be running to God in all things, whether big or small He is always there for us to guide us and fuel us in what we need. It is better to be hungry for the things of God, rather than the worldly things which are all temporary and can’t truly satisfy our spirit.

This is when the Holy Spirit started to minister to me, to get me to focus on the questions and points below, based off the homeless woman searching the bins- 

-      How are you feeding your spirit? OR are you feeding the flesh more.

-      Do you care what people think and with this don’t move in what God has called you to do for fear of man? Are you crippled by fear of what people will say when you step out?

-      How many can say they have genuine, true childlike faith, relying on God, running to Him seeking for your spiritual guidance and nourishment?


-      Many feed the desires of the flesh, but then neglect the spiritual food they need. Many focus on what is temporary, but then neglect what is eternal.

Are you hungry for the word of God, do you have the zeal to do the things of God, are you teachable and humble, as well as wise to do what is right over what the flesh wants?

With this homeless woman, she taught me many principles and it wasn’t just once I saw her, but twice and she was doing the same thing, carrying the same bag to collect food that had been thrown away in the bins. Each time she was desperate to eat food that was wasted by people, who didn’t see the value of the food and threw it away.

It just goes to show you that what others don’t appreciate or value, they abuse it. There will always be someone who has much less than them who value anything and everything. Are you thankful and appreciative for what you have, do you value the portion God has given you?

In life there are people who always want what others have, but yet never appreciate what God has given them. That’s a very dangerous life to live, if you always want what others have. You will always do things to try and get what they have; you’ll end up losing yourself in the process.


There is much more to say on this, but I will leave you with this –

Let your life be a story of God’s works through you, to be a driving force for people to be drawn closer to God.