Hello Ladies, 


‘For your Creator will be your husband; the Lord of Heaven’s Armies is his name! He is your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel, the God of all the earth.’

I will be sharing from the scripture Isaiah 54:5, I have read it and heard it many times, but today I saw it in a different way. Though the verse above it speaks on a woman who has lost her husband not being fearful of shame, disgrace and the sorrows of widowhood.

‘Fear not; you will no longer live in shame.
    Don’t be afraid; there is no more disgrace for you.
You will no longer remember the shame of your youth
    and the sorrows of widowhood.’

I saw it to include myself and all women not just widows, it spoke to me beautifully from a place of intimacy, the woman is assured that she will no longer face what she had been facing whether amongst friends, family, community etc. Then goes on to say the creator will be her husband, the one who is the Lord of Heavens Armies, our redeemer and the Holy One Of Israel. How beautiful to know this?

I want to focus more on ‘For your creator will be your husband’ for the purpose of this blog post. For a woman to call a man her husband it would have taken a lot of honesty, prayer, transparency, comfortability with the man, her bearing all and him bearing all too. There would have to have been a high level of intimacy especially – she needed to be sure he was the one and that his words matched up to his actions.

Because for better or worse, come what may they would be living as one in union with Christ at the centre, so a lot of preparation would have been needed- she would essentially be letting the man lead the household, provide, love her and the children, remain faithful and honest as well as to protect her physically, emotionally and spiritually.

When we go on to look at a husband we can see the responsibility he has to carry for the home, to lay down his life and let God equip him to lead her and the children and do the best for them. But essentially he will have Christ at the centre of it all – whether his actions, his mind, his desires, his career, etc. He is fully accountable for all he does and must uphold the vows he made at the altar to his wife.

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What I love about the verse in question is that it says God will be your husband- for God to be your husband means he will care for you, provide for you, reveal to you, share with you your pain, strengthen you, equip you, comfort you and love you beyond human reasoning and love.

He will cover you, but it also takes you doing your own part too, you have to be open, honest , sincere, intimate, transparent and open to correction. Because there then becomes a deeper level of intimacy and love that forms in God being this, with those who have lost someone, preparing to marry and or even divorced. He takes on the burdens and helps you heal and prepare for what is ahead. Different to Him being a friend, He goes deeper and is much more to you.

But again it takes a lot from your end too and to be able to learn and take away from it, what will prepare you and encourage you to do and be better. For example your heart will be exposed, areas you thought you had healed from will be exposed, your mind will be tested, your spirit will be fed, and your actions will change. Because you are being exposed to someone who has the permission to get up close and personal to you, to be in your space and see you in a different way to how others will see you. I’m reminded of the scripture that says –

Revelation 3:20 ‘Look I stand at the door and knock’. (He will never force His way in, He gives you the choice).

‘If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in..’ (IF –So you need to be discerning for His voice and not distracted by the things of this world, because when He comes He will speak, but are you listening?)

‘and we will share a meal together as friends..’ (He will come in when you respond and when He does He will eat with you, share with you, speak to you and work with you.) But you need to be willing and open to receiving Him into your heart and not just outside of it.

Let us now look at Ephesians 5:25- 31 and pick out the key points of a husbands role to his wife-

-          To love His wife, just as Christ loved the church, he gave up his life for her to make her HOLY and CLEAN- Washed by the cleansing of God’s word. – So beautiful to know that as led by example, the man is to use the word of God as His main tool to love his wife and make her holy and clean.

-          Just as having God as your husband He will work on you and purge you of ways that will draw you down, teach you what it is to love, heart matters and becoming who He has called you to be. Again you as the woman would have to be willing and teachable.


-          He did this to present her to himself as a glorious church without a spot or wrinkle or any other blemish- So it’s not enough to speak on it, but his actions must be evident to be able to present his wife without spot or wrinkle, to work deep on areas of hurt, pain and past unresolved issues. A job he can’t afford to take lightly.


-          Husbands ought to love their wives as they love their own bodies. For a man who loves his wife actually shows love for himself. – The husband can’t be selfish or self-centred, they must be selfless and have a love originating from Christ and in Christ. To love as he loves himself is a deeper kind of love that daily needs to be worked on, but with Christ at the centre he will do the best and be the best definition of love to his wife.

-          Same way Christ loves us; the husband will learn this and love the woman, despite her flaws, shortcomings and tough days. Because he made that commitment before God, he will as well honour it in all he does for his wife.


-      Honours you

-      Is selfless

-      Carries the power of God

-      Doesn’t withhold from his wife

-      Presents his bride to God throughout their lives as perfectly holy and virtuous as can be --To lead his wife and his family into the best things for them.

-To be the best that he can be in God's power

So ladies take it all to God, your heart and your issues and let him comfort you, just as a husband comforts, a father cares, a brother protects. Let God be the all in one that you need, despite the level you are at in life.




Hello Ladies,

Self-Esteem can be defined as the opinion of how we see ourselves, so when we have a healthy self-esteem, we tend to feel positive about ourselves and about life in general. But when our self-esteem is low, we tend to see ourselves and our life in a more negative and critical light.’

Today want to tackle briefly the sensitive area of self-esteem, I for one can relate to this area for many reasons, one being the labels that were enforced on me growing up and in my teenage years. I struggled with identity, not really knowing who I was, I would allow so much to enter my mind and let it stay there as I lived it out so my view on self and live was tainted and very damaging. When you don’t know who you are you allow anyone who has no right to define you, label you and have control over what you say to yourself and how you treat yourself.

That is why it is so so important to know whose you are and who you are because then that alone is the power you carry against any negativity and critics. Yes, people will always have something to say, but those same imperfect people have different mindsets, different opinions, different likes and dislikes so anything they say about you wont always be the same as the next person.

So, imagine trying to people please all these people, living by what they tell you.. Damaging right? Well that was me for some time, because I was lost, I had no direction, no wisdom or sense of belonging and always tried to fit in with what people wanted me to be and most times because they didn’t know themselves they tried to put that on me. It was like the lost leading the lost, the blind leading the blind. It was never going to end well unless someone broke out of it and got better for themselves. Thank God for saving me, I write this saved and being that I was unsaved before, I knew no better.

Notice the definition of self-esteem says its how we see ourselves, so if we see ourselves low, we then give permission for others to see us in the same way we too see ourselves and that can be very damaging, because in a place where there is constant negativity and drama, you can never grow and go beyond your current level. It is not really just about how you see yourself, because most times that is what people see and feed off, so you can then allow and know who to let close based on the signs of you seeing how they would treat you.

I battled with it for years, was it tough yes? Did I have good counsel around me? No not always, or in fact they were there but never really understood. You see the people around you should be able to uplift you and encourage you and if that is not always the case pray over it, because you really need to have people around you who you can grow with not stay at one place with. So all these different elements of self come into play-

-       How do you see yourself?

-       How do others around you see you?

-       Do you know whose and who you are?

-       Do you see yourself in a positive way?

-       Do I know what the word of God says about me?

To name a few.

For now this is where I will leave it short and sweet to encourage and remind someone that they are precious, beautiful, enough and not who people define them to be. Know who you are and there will be no room to allow negativity in your life.

God bless you all




One thing I love God for is His love for us, He loves us unconditionally a love that is like no other, a love that is second to none and when you experience it will never want to depart from Him ever. Indeed He wants the best for us and nothing less than we deserve to have and be in life. Peace, love, restoration and wholeness to become what He has destined us to be. That is one of the reasons why I hold.

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Pray to make your spiritual eyes open and aware to things you’re doing, which you may not even be aware of. You could be the one blocking your own blessings. SO BE SURE TO REPENT.

At times people feel that once they’re praying and have faith that that’s enough for God to bless you.. Little do they know that in order for God to bless you, not only do you have to have the faith, courage, hope and the word and pray. But you also have to work on yourself and steer clear of sin and negative thinking that will throw u off track. BELIEVING IN GOD IS GOOD, BUT IT’S YOUR ACTIONS THAT SAY A LOT TOO.

You’re a working progress so with everything, always work on change, forgiveness and how you talk. Forgiving for example is an act many struggle with and that alone could be what is holding you back, because it doesn’t show u as the type of forgiving Christian God expects us to be.

You’ll say it’s hard and yes it is, but to hold onto grudges isn’t doing anyone especially you any favours and it limits your actions to falling short of God’s glory..

No one is perfect people make mistakes, but always go to God and do self checks regularly to be aware of what you’re doing wrong. To avoid it blocking your prayer for the blessings to come down, as we know God doesn’t bless sin and so if it’s something you’re too familiar with pray over it, to break the chains and adapt to living the right way, in light with God and not with the devil.