ISAIAH 65:24

Dear Father,

Thank you for being our strength, comfort, forgiver, guidance, shelter, resting place, friend, deliverer, bread of life, restorer and more. You are all we need in this crazy world, you are all we need to make it through, you are all we need when troubles come our way and you are all we will ever need to be knowledgeable and wise in our steps. Father I pray that those who are reading this will continue to lean on you in all they do, in the good and bad you are never changing, you are the same God yesterday, today and forever more, despite what we face may we never lose sight of you, may we focus on you alone and never doubt in your timing, for you alone are all knowing and all seeing. So help us God as we continue to go on. In your precious mighty name, I pray. Hallelouyah.

Let us look at - ISAIAH 65:24 which says ‘It shall come to pass, that before they call I will answer, while they are yet speaking I will hear.’

Let us break this verse down, to be able to understand this well enough to encourage us in our walk.

We live in a society that is microwavable, expecting things here and now, impatient and want the fast lifestyle, will tread on toes to get what they want and are in it for themselves to please their fleshly desires and you name it anything quick paced they do it.

In the kingdom it is not that way, when we become born again our desires and wants we once had gets renewed and aligned to what God’s desires and wants are for ourselves. His best for us is far better than our best for us and what the world says is our best.

‘IT SHALL COME TO PASS’ – What I love about this is that we can be assured that all that God says will always come to pass, no matter how tough that situation, the sickness, the no’s received, rejection from others, friends betraying you, people doing all sorts to you. God’s word will always come to pass we just have to trust in Him to do the unimaginable and be assured that we will indeed continue to walk by faith and not by sight. He said it and He will do it. Do you have all your trust in God alone to believe this?

Prior to this verse we can see a clear image painted to use of God creating the new heavens and the new earth, they are indeed eternal and in them there is assurance of safety, peace, and plenty in abundance that is to say that we can read His word receive that revelation and trust in Him to bring it to pass, trust in Him to work on our doubts, trust in Him to lift us higher, trust in Him to heal us, trust in Him to be our provider, trust in Him to do what no man can do, open doors no man can close. Isn’t this God we serve amazing? No words are enough to speak of His mighty works and character.

‘BEFORE THEY CALL’ – God knows what we need before we say we need it, He knows us better than we know ourselves, He gives us hope, He gives us strength, peace and in His love we have comfort. To believe in Him and trust He knows best for us, is when we voice what we need to Him, which shows that we are in need and He is our helper to provide those needs and no one else.

It is to say that we have faith in Him and that no matter what seems impossible in the natural, in the spiritual He can do far above and beyond what we ask for, I no longer believe that my best is His, because to me based on what I have experienced in life so far, my best may still be less than my worth and what I deserve, because of my attitude and distorted view on life and what I feel is for me. When He saying to me that it shall come to pass before I call I need to then renew my mind to be aligned with His truth not my truth.

It just humbles me to know that all those people I used to rely on, all the false promises, all the expectations opened my eyes to see that what God has for me is not what man will say they have for me but far more. It is to say that He not only promises but delivers, and not on our level of expecting but higher. Hmmm I do not know about you but that alone makes me jump and shout for joy.

‘ I WILL ANSWER’ – People will say things and disappoint us, they will make promises and break them, they will go out of their way to remind us that they did us a favour and we ‘owe them’ for it, they will do and say all manner of things, that is human nature for you, the heart is wicked is not put there for nothing, but as a reminder that indeed the heart of man is wicked, BUT we should never equate peoples actions to mean punishment and in turn an excuse to stay away from God.

At times self-inflicted pain is what we experience because of our own blindness to things and people thinking that our way alone is better and far above any other and then when it doesn’t work out we blame God and distance ourselves. Some sadly leave the faith and give up. But when we read the word we can and should be encouraged that His word is life, His words are true, His words are far above man’s words and actions and should never be placed in the same category as man. 


‘WHILE THEY ARE YET SPEAKING I WILL HEAR’ The word YET stood out to me, ‘Up until the present, as soon as the present or a specified or implied time, from now into the future for a specified length of time, referring to something that will happen in the near future.’

As already mentioned the word yet stood out to me because of the weight it carries in the sentence, God is saying to us while we are YET to speak, He will hear. We haven’t even arrived in the future and He is already assuring us that in all we are yet to speak to Him about He will hear us, He will give us His undivided attention, He will heal us, He will direct us and so much more.

So encouraging to know He is our Father, and just want to end by encouraging you to hold onto God, in the bad as well as the good, we know how life can be difficult, unexpected blows, disappointments, etc but that is not to say God wont and cant change things around for our good. Stay rooted in Him and He will never ever let you down, even when you doubt in Him, lose focus, want to give up, fall short and distance yourself. He is still there and loves you no less. Hold onto Him He is all you need.

God bless you all