Dear Father,

Thank you for your love, kindness and support in all that we do and for showing us the way to live a meaningful life filled with your unmerited favour, good health and the courage to persevere daily. Without you we will all be lost and battered, with no hope, no love and no progression. We will forever praise you and serve you alone in all that we do and pray to locate all that you have for us in life. In your mighty name we pray. Halleluyah

Ecclesiastes 9:11 I saw that under the sun, the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, nor bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.’

 ‘That the race is not to the swift’ – To be swift is to do things quickly or promptly, rapidly, instantly, immediately. Either way it is to expect a fast outcome in whatever it is that you do.

BUT the scripture is saying the race is NOT to the swift, so the race to fulfil your destiny is not for those who like to do things swiftly, the race is not for those who feel to get to where they need to be is by rushing. It is a process in itself which should be learnt from. When you rush you are telling God that you do not agree with His timing and want to get things anyway you know how.

Here He is saying that in life there is nothing like a quick process to get to your set time, because what is for you and worthy to have is not to be rushed because the same way you acquired that thing, or person is the same way you can as well lose that thing or person. You didn’t work hard for it so why should you be allowed to keep it??? You get out of life what you put in, put in hard work and flourish, put in no work and don’t complain when the results do not exceed your expectations.

I mentioned earlier the ‘process’, think of a cake there are ingredients that you use to make it, you go and purchase those ingredients, then you do the actual baking to make the cake. When it is all done you leave it to the side to cool down before sharing it out or keeping it for an occasion. Throughout the process you entered into different stages of making the cake. When it was done it was what you expected, a three layered cake for example. See the process in life as a three layered cake the outer layer is you entering the process, the second layer is the tests and obstacles you will face and the third layer is you overcoming those tests in victory to receive your blessing and excel to another level with His protection.

Those are your three layers all serving a different purpose (different tests = the different flavours of the cake and its outer layers = the covering of God / covering of the whole cake) That cake was made to perfection because you took the time out to carefully execute what you wanted to make in your mind, and what you planned to get is what you received in the end. Your hard work making the cake came out nicely and more so because you had the help of The Most High to help you deliver an exceptional cake.

The point I am making is that you can’t expect to under deliver and receive back great results, because it is what you put in that you will get out of the process. It won’t just fall on your lap, you have to go get it and pray and The Most high will surely guide you.

In life no matter what it is there is a process, from nursery up to higher education there are processes, tests, lessons and obstacles you will have faced along the way. You didn’t always get it right the first time and the path was long but today you have finished and in the adult world whether still studying, working, married with or without kids. It was all a step by step process. For those who may have rushed it or dropped out, they are now trying to get back in the system to complete things, or aren’t where they thought they would be and are looking back almost in a state of regret.

‘…nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.’

It does not matter how you start in life but what matters is how you finish, the process you pass through to make it to the finish line. Human might alone cannot help you win the battles in life. Along the way you need The Most High, and not to rely on man alone.

There is indeed a race but it is the time you are given and how you apply wisdom to it that determines the outcome. You cannot afford to waste time; time waits for no man. So do the things you said you will do today!!! Because tomorrow isn’t promised and you want to be able to look back proud at the time you used to achieve rather than ask what if?

You will fall down and make mistakes, you are not perfect, but you must get back up and continue that is where your inner strength comes from. Because when it is all said and done it is your actions that matter and you will be held accountable for them. To the swift and strong, the wise, understanding, and skilful; or to the swift and slow, to the strong and weak, to the wise and unwise; everything will happen at The Most High’s timing, just as He has ordered it to be.

‘But time and chance happeneth to them all.’ For there is a certain “time” fixed by the Lord for every event in our lives. But it is when you move without Him in assuming your time to do things has come and act on own instinct, this will not become attainable to The Most High. Whatever that happens in life is a result of His doing, making it possible to let it happen not us.

So nothing is by chance in life, but by His movement signifying the change to progress into something greater. We have divine appointments with Him and He leads us in all that we do that is how we are assured that we will never fail.

Always remember that our lives are in His hands and we are not to run from the truths that can break all the self ideologies of man saying we can make it alone

Bless you all