Hello Ladies,

It has been a long time I blogged or shared any type of writing content, but I’m back with more content as shared with me from our Father and I believe it will bless you all.

If you follow our social media platform you will see that we are currently in a series titled #HeartIssues. Something that has been a burden on my heart for so long and God spoke to me a lot about it during my time away and this is what is being shared in this series. I love it because it highlights our imperfections and why we really need God, He is the only one who can see our flaws and short comings and not turn His back on us, belittle us or reject us. Sometimes people can’t help and aren’t able to say the right things, love them anyway they just don’t have the capacity to handle the pain you are carrying for a greater purpose. Give it all to God.

Have you ever thanked God for your pain and suffering? Have you thanked God for people who have left your life? Have you thanked God for those friendships that ended? That job loss? The heartbreak in that toxic relationship?

Some of you might say no, reason being no one loves pain and when it comes can stop us in our tracks and keep us questioning if really God sees all we are going through. But on the flip side of all my struggles, rejection, heartbreak, suicidal tendencies, job loses, depression, betrayal, self harming and more. As I began to get closer to God He made me see and realise and even thank Him until now for all that I suffered in my past, crazy right? LOL no not at all, because now I see the purpose that was formed from my pain and I had to go through all I did to be able to help other women come out of it to – hence my purpose to help the broken and help women realise their self-worth and calling just some of the important things Empowered United Women Ministry deals with. How can you relate to people when you haven’t been there before?

You see when you are in the pain you don’t understand why, you doubt, you cry, you want to give up. But never really do you thank God for it and embrace it with a joyful heart. Yes it is hard and far from a walk in the park but look at what God says in James 1:2 ‘Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy.’

The CONSIDER in this verse can be seen to mean – to think carefully about something, before making a decision, to be drawn towards a course of action, to look attentively at something.

I pondered on why it says that when troubles come our way that we ought to consider it a chance for great joy. I then realised that with reference to Romans 8:28 all things will work together for our good and just because something is tough today doesn’t mean we will stay in that situation forever, it is important for us to have unmoveable and unshakeable faith and joy in the Lord when trials come, because when we are able to take our focus off of the situation and onto God, our joy will override what the circumstance is showing us.


But when you keep your focus on what is shaky and moveable you lose yourself in it and overlook what it should be teaching you. When I thank God for trying times, its because I know that He knew ahead of time all the mistakes I will make and the pain I would endure and still predestined for this to be part of my story – believing that I will be strong enough, to not waiver but stand strong in it. Whewww!!! this God is amazing, I cannot bow down to fear when my God is big enough to take me through what is supposed to have ended me, had we served a man we will always be lost and a victim to pain and struggle.  

I just want to encourage you all that with God you can do all things, you can move mountains, you can speak and things change, you can speak and people are healed. The power you carry should not be underestimated for a moment, because when you do that you place God in a box of limitations and try to take the upper hand to write your story. That in itself is error, God created you and knows you by name He sees your weaknesses and still called you, He knew you would be the solution for a problem here on earth no one else can fulfil but you. And above all you are like no other and no other is like you, that is your power. So don’t water down who you are based on what you pass through, rather get up each day knowing who you are and whose you are and walk in purpose make the devil mad that you didn’t give up or turn your back on God.

So whatever you are going through give it to God today, don’t make it complicated He wants to hear from you and His healing is available don’t count yourself out. If you were perfect you wouldn’t need God, but rather we are imperfect people serving a perfect God who has all we need. Matthew 6:33 says to ‘seek the kingdom of God, above all else and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need. ‘

But how can you seek a God you don’t know and don’t give your hurts to? He knows you so be intentional to know Him too and cut out what will distract you from receiving your healing. The moment you take your focus off of God, you’ve lost it. Don’t be that person who couldn’t endure the pain for that moment and lost everything due to impatience and disobedience.

 Be blessed and follow the #HearIssues series.

Here for anyone who wants to pray and to talk.

Love you and God loves you so much more.