In morning devotion recently I was meditating on a few things, one being 1Peter 5:8 "Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around LIKE a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.

Notice the LIKE here - Like here can be linked to- like something but isn’t, less of the real thing, counterfeit, not real but claims to be, fallen and trying to walk in power, failing but still striving.

God then highlighted to me errors believers make and we hear it all the time. The devil this, the devil that... When you give too much attention to a thing that carries no power you yourself will go to the level of always blaming outwardly but not checking the internal...

You can go to church, sow, serve etc. BUT all this man sees outwardly there’s a reason why the bible says God looks at the heart of a man. To say that no matter what u do outwardly God sees the heart, motives and intentions for what you do. And even though you’re doing those things and not reaping the fruits, you then blame the devil and living according to thinking that the devil is always to blame.

YET its your heart that needs the healing and shift to put the devil in its place and move from the victim to victor mentality. Not every day the devil, sometimes its God who allows those things (e.g book of Job). And then there are things self inflicted, you know what you have to do but being disobedient to it (e.g book of Jonah). But yet still blaming devil.

So today I challenge you to go back to God and let Him search your hearts. You’ll be surprised what He will expose; all the while you were thinking you were fine. And “don’t sin by letting anger control you. Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry, for anger gives a FOOTHOLD to the devil.”

Ephesians 4:26-27 there is always a ROOT to something, it’s not just "this is the way I am" approach. It came from somewhere whether it be childhood, jobs, friends etc.

So what you entertain is what you give the devil access to, imagine anger you let it go on and on without working on it, before you know it, though its wrong you see yourself justifying it, allowing it, making excuses for it. All the while the foothold has been accepted, but because you’re deep in what God speaks against you’re soo desensitized to correction, humility and healing.


Please don’t let that be you, do self checks daily. 

God bless you all


Hey Lovelies,

It’s been a while since we uploaded any blog posts, but we are back with more content and pray it will bless you.

Dear Father,

Thank you for the lives of those who are reading this blog I pray that those who read it will bring their hearts to you for you to show them what they need to work on and get healing from. May they walk in humility, love, patience and the compassion you have towards others. May they have peace in all they do and may they not put anyone or anything before you. In your name we pray. Amen

So this was recently on my heart and though to share it with you all, due to some observations made, we hear a lot about women needing healing from childhood traumas/ past hurts, father wounds and mother wounds etc.

Yes though they are real and need healing from, healing is not based on gender, we have to understand that men aren’t exempt and also go through such but for some reason it’s always women spoken of more in terms of healing. Even though stats show men committing suicide and suffering in silence, walking around like they are okay and have it all together, but masking their brokenness in pride and the macho lifestyle.


Its sooo important as a man to be secure in yourself, confident and HEALED, you are going to be a husband and father, you’re a leader and so to lead you have to get yourself right first and not hide behind a career or pride. The sad thing is that men are neglected in the area of having trauma and wounds that need healing. Until later in life e.g. in marriage when it all exposes itself and causes a strain on it and their children especially. I always say healing isn’t by gender, man or woman you can receive it.

Yes our parents may not have all had the best upbringing, but then we must learn from it all and grow and walk even closer to God for direction and insight into what we must break and not repeat for future generations. No matter the trials, people’s opinions etc, you are here for a reason and no one has the power to dictate to you what you should do, or who you’ll become in life.

Salvation is personal not a group thing, so don’t miss it because you put others first or didn’t believe you could and so stayed stagnant or allowed your circumstances to define you. You have to get to the level where all that matters is God and not putting what your natural eyes can see first, build thick skin and no matter what giving up shouldn’t be an option.


Your CIRCUMSTANCE is not your NAME, your circumstances are what you go through and overcome to bring glory to God. It’s not permanent and the worse thing u can do is call yourself by circumstance. SPEAK THE WORD, SPEAK LIFE, WALK IN THE ASSURANCE GOD WILL NEVER FAIL YOU. So as you hold on, my prayer for you is to rejoice in it and learn as u press on through and be blessed.


You have a process to go through, you can’t just 'arrive' how can you learn the value of the thing you want and how to maintain it, if you haven’t been tested or faced trials on the journey to getting it?

How can you get all you want without a process?

God spoke to me recently about the lazy generation may we not be part of that, but rather people who understand and ENDURE. The pain is never wasted.

Can I be transparent? At one point recently I got to a place where I was fed up and knew there was more, but wasn’t attaining it. So I prayed and God asked soo clearly at church recently, what 5 things do I want Him to do for me, that Q was a game changer for me because ever since then, in just a few ways God has been showing up based on my requests.

Please understand that in the process, prayer is so important and it works, and when you feel you can’t go on, THATS WHEN GOD STEPS IN, IN A MIGHTY WAY. At the end of the day it’s not about the material things or the number of people we know or are around. It’s about how well we used our time here on earth and how well we stewarded over what God entrusted us with. So it makes no sense to do the most to please imperfect people or attain things that will lose value.





God dropped this in my spirit recently and I was floored, "Be careful what you say when in the storm, because it’s what you think, speak and act on that will determine what you attract. Negativity breads no productivity."

In the process the overflow in prayer of what God shares with you and you praying over them, will always speak for you in public. So don’t be ashamed of the process or neglect it due to fear. Walk in it and let God beautify your life through it. That’s why it’s important to be directed by our source and not man, don’t go the wrong way and then blame God. In His presence you can never go wrong.