Dear Father,

We thank you for another blessed day and new week, as you go before us may we follow and be obedient to your instructions, where we will fall short ahead, we ask that you forgive us and straighten our path to do what you have called us to do, despite all the noise, voices and any fears that may creep in. Father regardless of what happens, we pray to be consistent and bold in all we do now and forever more. Amen

Today I want to talk about something that is very close to my heart and that is the importance of consistency. Let’s take it back to basics and look at what it means to be consistent-

‘To be consistent is a quality of condition of doing things with excellence, on time and in accordance with facts. Agreement with what has already been done, or expressed. The conformity with a practice that produces results on time.’


Consistency is very, very important I cannot stress that enough, to be consistent means you are working at a pace that ensures you partner with the Holy Spirit to do all you were created to do in stages, able to reach targets, manage deadlines and produce nothing less of excellence.

Consistency can only happen when you make up your mind to be great and do great, it takes you from a place of little to a lot and it helps you prioritize and put in order things you do day to day to allow yourself to stay on top of everything and not have everything stay on top of you.

When God calls you, He knows what you can manage, He equips you in the area of capacity He knows you are graced to do. He will never dump on you and leave you, and so if in all this God is, has been and always will be consistent. We shouldn’t be inconsistent at all. But rather we must lead by example to have others follow Christ, be encouraged and learn from ways we haven’t always got right, but were willing to work at it and are getting it.

One thing I can relate to is being overwhelmed at times and all that I share, are for those who are in 9-5’s, creative’s, those in ministry, those who work for themselves etc. For me I tend to take time out on Sunday and Monday to plan for the week ahead, make deadlines for that week for things that need to get done and do a mid week self check/ analysis of the week so far and how far I’ve gone. It helps to be able to have things written down and prayed over for the week ahead, to stay on track with things, be consistent and not overwhelmed – although that’s not always possible.


-      Pray over everything you do and let God guide you, so that you are not overwhelmed with everything.


-      Take time out on a Sunday evening, to plan out what you need to get done in the week ahead.


-      Have a diary to keep up to date with the deadlines you have to meet.


-      Do checks mid week to see how you are getting on and what you may need to amend to get things done.


-      Always revisit goals and see how you can achieve them, by doing consistent actions that will help you get there.


-      Accountability is also important to make sure what you say you will do, you will do.


Hope this encourages and blesses you to take consistency up a notch in your life. Be blessed


Empowered United Women