We shared this word before and it is very important I share it with all those who haven’t read it, because sadly self worth isn’t celebrated and lived by. When you give it out freely to people it’s not an act that u can change overnight, but will only get worse if u don’t overcome such ways to bring about a good change.

Also if u plan to marry in future remember marriage is one on one, you won’t have the freedom to live anyhow you want because you’ll have a committed spouse to think off. Unlike relationships/ ‘messing around’ in marriage it’s till death do u part not until I get tired then I’m out.

So if by now this is the lifestyle one is used to then how can u grow to be prepared for the future and being the best wife or husband. People live for temporary, but don’t live for planning forward to create a stable foundation of good change. Working on you to move positively not anyhow, with no stable moral grounds. Just imagine u don’t change and end up with a reflection of u in marriage and u end up unhappy what will happen then??