Very important for us women to keep in mind, because at times we find ourselves in situations where we could have avoided what happened but chose complacency in making decisions, without always thinking deeply about them. Finding yourself asking why you were careless with decisions making etc. The banana in the picture is a perfect way to refer to the spirit of discernment.

People can look great on the outside,but within their spirit is unclean and until you get to know them properly and their relationship with God would never know this. As the saying goes not all that glitters is gold, don’t t always be fast to take things on face value because not everything that has to be known will be seen with your eyes, in fact the worldly eyes.

Put on your spiritual eyes and pray for the spirit of understanding and interpretation to dissect the good from the bad in all areas of your life. Not necessarily just for relationships and people alone. Always be careful because within everyone there is a spirit and whether it carries demons or not. You won’t know unless you pray and seek Godly counsel over it. The spirit of discernment places greater emphasis on people as opposed to situations, reason being some operate with wrong intentions, wolves in sheep clothing and so get carried away and then realize too late the person or people were not who they actually claimed they were.

So to avoid such happening is important that you are equipped to make the right decisions and lead with Godly ways not the worldly ways to avoid getting into sticky situations. If God was to show you everything happening around you and in your life not only will you be amazed but will want to keep your spiritual eyes wide open to avoid going the wrong way. Pray for the spirit of discernment to guide you away from what is trouble, to what is good and God will help you with this. We live in a messed up society where things will never always be what they appear to be.

Spirit of discernment can be used:

~With relationships

~Actions people take

~Work decisions and or other important decisions to make.