First of all you need to remind yourself that you are a child of the Most high the one who created heaven and earth and put in you a special purpose to fulfil here on earth. He wouldn’t give you anything more than you can handle and so you must see yourself as a conqueror. In all things do your best, believe in yourself and let God do the rest. Put God in the driver seat of your life and watch all your problems become manageable. There is nothing too hard for Him to do.

Always put God at the centre of everything in your life, because you cannot handle what life brings your way alone. From time to time carry out self checks, is your heart for God? Is your heart genuine and pure? Do you love God with all your might? Because a heart that is not after God is of no use if there is to be a strong relationship with Him. We must seek Him and follow His ways to live right here on earth, before it’s our time to go.

No lukewarm behaviour is acceptable; God is not a partial God neither should you be half hearted in your walk with Him. Give Him your all or nothing, because you are either in the dark or light, but cannot be in both. Either with God or the devil always check to search within you to see where your priorities are.

GOD’S TIMING IS ALWAYS PERFECT, NEVER EARLY NEVER LATE, JUST RIGHT. Never doubt Him because He knows best and not you. At times people will feel they are ready to handle what God has for them to elevate them to the next level. But what they don’t realize is that He will not bless you if you are not capable or spiritually mature to handle what He has for you. So He will hold onto it until you show that you are in fact ready and capable, until then self work is essential to grow in your walk with Christ. Do not rush things and always pray for what you seek God for. Do not take shortcuts only to run back to Him after realizing it wasn’t a wise idea.