For those who haven’t read what we posted before on Instagram, here it is:
Referring to people who post things on social media, in all of their pictures they are smiling… But deep down inside they are crying…for attention…for love…for understanding…and for peace. They have important titles on their jobs but they are miserable at home so they abuse their power at work. All dressed up on the outside but all messed up on the inside.

I just agree with this statement so much because it happens. There are some who aren’t open enough to say when they are not okay, struggling, need help or an ear to listen. Like it is always said, not all that glitters is gold and not everything u see around u, should be taken on face value alone.

Many are good at hiding things giving of that impression they’re fine and coping when really they are crying out but due to pride and a narrow minded mentality of it just being a thing to act in such state, they ignore help and with time begin to get worse…

Whether with relationships on social media, friendships, and jobs people have, whatever it may be, always remember at times for some, their actions and what they say is always usually a cover up mask to avoid being seen as weak or even made fun of. It’s always okay and wise to ask for help don’t keep it bottled in.