When God created us He did so knowing what we will do in life, His will for our lives will be perfected and it will surely come to pass. It is important to believe and accept that He has a plan for us, once you are able to accept this, you will then be able to accept who you are, how you are, your looks etc. It will become a whole package that you no longer look down on but appreciate, value and love. You can be assured that in His presence you will have genuine happiness, love and your desires met so long as it is in His will for us and you will have a deep burning desire to please Him more and more.

The same way God created us all uniquely with different special gifts is the same way our callings, desires, wants, needs and passions will be unique too. In the kingdom there is sufficient room for us all to serve God in what we do, we wouldn’t have to step on another’s toes to get higher than them and there is surely no competition in the kingdom. We are all one, serving with the common aim to serve Him and Him alone. So long as you know His will concerning your life, you will not fail but succeed.

What you desire to do in life will be different from what others desire, no two paths will be the same, everyone has a different path to follow. So do not feel you have to live like how others will want you to live, but how He wants you to live, because that is all that matters. People will tell you to live your life a certain way, do certain things and distract you from what you should be doing but that is where you have to be strong minded and able to stand against them and do what you are led to do and that is the plan of The Most High.

Jeremiah 29:11 ‘For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.’

  • Are you happy with how God made you?

With women especially, insecurities can ruin a good thing, pain from experiences, the media, things people say to you, looking down on yourself can all pollute the good thoughts God had in mind when He created you and how much He loves you and how special you truly are. Some go as far as comparing themselves to others how they dress, height, everything about how they look.

You are made that way, but not to look down on yourself and compare, but to appreciate you and all that are blessed to have. No one is meant to look the same, we all have different features, we all think differently, we all approach things differently, we won’t always agree on everything but that is what makes us all different and that should be celebrated. God didn’t create people to be insecure, it is the worldly influences and people around that adds fuel to those thoughts that makes people think they are not worthy or good enough, sadly some people let it control them in all that they do.

‘You can’t fulfil the purpose He has for your life if you mistreat the fearfully and wonderfully designed body He has given you. There are times we are limited in our service for Him because we have created situations for ourselves that He never intended.’


The gifts within you is what will cause people to know you for your good works using that gift. It is not an ordinary gift but a special gift that is attached to many blessings, people are attached to it for you to help them. It opens many doors of opportunities and brings great people your way. A man can have an idea and pursue it in the world running on instincts, self- belief, money and at times selfishness and greed. But that is not to say that it will prosper, with a foundation built on greed and money in this dark world, all that glitters is not gold and what starts of bad will end badly, it doesn’t always last.

But in the kingdom when you know who you are, pray, have faith, let God guide you and equip you, you are creating a foundation firm in the kingdom that will produce fruitful results and will always prosper. Things may happen along the way, but it will never end in sorrow that will not be your portion. When you are doing things the right way you will never lack, lose your senses, take the wrong route to accomplish selfish desires or step on others to get higher.

When God calls you He will equip you, look at our ancestors in the bible and all they faced and be encouraged that your gift will not be used in vain. Look at a few of these examples of people in the bible who were gifted and excelled despite what came their way.


It is important that as you grow, you walk with the right people who you can learn from, not just anyone who will hold you back. As we grow we will lose friends and doors will shut that aren’t meant for us. Where you are going to, not everyone who is in your life now, will be able to handle what you have within, they will be with you for a season or two but won’t be there forever. Because the time they were meant to be in your life has passed and things have to move on without them.

Pray to the Lord that He will take away those who aren’t helping you grow and achieve, but rather dampening your spirit and causing you to be stagnant. Do not allow your growth to be limited when there are many things you can do to move forward with to achieve in life.

  • It is your gift that will enable you to fulfil your vision

A vision- 
Our vision is like a long stair case that will make room for you to go up in life, each step will bring forth different outcomes and help you grow but the beauty of it all is to learn from all that happens on your journey to get to your destination. Like a compass your vision will show you what will happen overtime and what you can do to get there, you will not get lost, it is important to not lose focus and in all things pray when going to the next level. Here you will find peace, happiness, your faith will increase, you will be fulfilled along the way and your purpose will come out in all that you do.

Like Dr Monroe said in one of his articles ‘It is interesting to note that the Bible does not say that a man’s education makes room for him, but that his gift does.’

So it doesn’t matter if you have passed through the whole education system and have many degrees that alone is not what will elevate you, in your calling it is the will of God and your special gift. Yeshua didn’t go to school but look at how He effected lives with the purpose He was called to do whilst here on earth, He didn’t go around with study books reciting what He learnt in school or what the teachers said. It was His gift that enabled Him to succeed.

It is important to take a lesson away from this, it is not enough to hold onto worldly things and our education to think that we have made it, yes don’t get me wrong education is very important and I thank God we all passed through the system successfully. But what I am saying is that it is not what will qualify you to progress in your gift, it will help with how you think but it is not what God looks at when He equips you.

There are people out there who are very smart and have so many degrees etc. yet took the wrong turn and went into drugs, dropped out from succeeding further, committed suicide and more. The fact that you are successful in education is never the last step to qualify your gift. There are people who have made it and dropped out of school never attended university but are very successful today.

Let us look at the Old Testament for example each time God wanted to reveal His plan, or place His people at a higher level of influence, or to further His plan He always used visions. A vision is very important because it shows what is to come and how we can get there, it encourages and it equips, from what is happening in the present and how to get to the future in parts. Very powerful and should not be taken lightly.

Here are a few examples of the power of VISIONS:

Abraham (Genesis 15:1): God used a vision to show Abraham that He will have a son and would be a father of many nations.

Jacob (Genesis 28:10-17): Jacob, with his mother’s help, stole Esau’s firstborn inheritance. Jacob then fled Esau’s anger, and on his journey he had his famous dream of a ladder reaching to heaven on which angels ascended and descended. In this dream Jacob received God’s promise that Abraham’s blessing would be carried on through him.

Joseph (Genesis 37:1-11): Joseph is one of the most famous dreamers, and one of the most famous dream-interpreters, in the Bible. His first recorded dreams are found in Genesis 37. They showed that Joseph’s family would one day bow to him in respect. His brothers didn’t appreciate the dream and in their hatred sold Joseph into slavery. Eventually, Joseph ended up in prison in Egypt.