Let us pray,

Father I pray that you continue to help each one of us in all that we do, Father I pray that you peel the layers and get to the core of all the broken wounded hearts, those who do not know who they are, those who feel they have no voice, struggle with self-esteem and worth issues, those that are alone and feel unwanted and not loved and those who rely on others to define them. Father many women are walking around with dead weight and tainted views of self and life in general, I pray for total renewal of mind and heat postures to be directed to you and not man, not things or fast fixes. Let chains of backwardness, confusion, pain and comparison all be broken and your name be glorified. So, help us God in your name we pray Halleluyah.

Last night the Lord dropped this message in my spirit and had to share to encourage someone that all that is done on social media doesn’t define you, but what defines you is who God says you are and not man.


Likes on social media should not equate your love for yourself and how God sees you. These are all tainted views of self. Likes are just that likes and doesn’t mean the people who like what you post like you. Don’t allow the social media hype make you feel it is the step to loving yourself or “being accepted” you arent created to be someone just known to be liked or try to fit in. You were created for more, to stand out, set apart for God’s glory. When you know who, you are in Christ you will not equate that to followers and likes because you will be so content in who you are and whose you are that followers and likes will not dictate any feelings or action in you to dwell in.

Many have a lot of followings on social media, but not all are filled with the holy spirit and there are some who have some followers and are filled with the holy spirit vice versa. The number of followers and likes someone has should never be a reason to want to be like them. Because behind the screens they are battling with things you aren’t aware of, everyone is fighting something, do not envy what you do not understand, do not envy. Dont get caught up in things you see that doesnt feed your spirit but only feeds your flesh. It can be very costly.

Dont lose yourself in the crowd who have an audience of many, to please and get lost in accepting self from what others do and say, whilst many wounds remain unhealed… Rather seek God -mat 6:33 walk the narrow path and let your audience be of one God alone.’

I pray daily over this generation because it has become a microwave, comparing, fast living lifestyle generation to live to please and want to be accepted. At times, I

look around at what I see and its like we are in a false meaning of kingdom minded living, which needs refining and major changes.
Reflecting on the word dropped, led me to look at the form of gratitude and its importance. When you do not know who, you are and always compare to others and don’t know who God says you are, or you do and don’t live it, you are not grateful but rather ungrateful. We are all different and no two people are the same, God created you and says you are fearfully and wonderfully made so when you want to be like others and have what they have, it is like a slap in the face to God saying that you do not appreciate His work of creating you to be an original, but rather you prefer to settle and be a copy of another.

Pray that God will teach you about yourself, learn to embrace you, be grateful for all you have and who you are, know that no one can do what you do, you are unique and that is your power and unique selling point. But always remember that no matter how we feel about something, want something or not happy with ourselves, God will not change His word to feed those ways of self, it is through circumstances that we tend to feel this way, but doesn’t mean the word will change to suit us. Let His truth comfort you, lead you and purge you of what you do not need. Learn to handle the process well and build on intimacy with God and pour all out to Him, He is always there to listen.

Don’t make it a habit to focus so much on what your neighbour is doing that you fail to recognise all that God is doing in your life. Give thanks, gain strength, persevere, be humble, be wise, be loving and above all put God first and submit all your thoughts to the word and receive your peace. Joy is far better than happiness, happiness is based on external things and doesn’t last, joy is internal and not based on our outward situations, we understand that God gives us joy and peace and assurance, He is always with us. Ask yourself, how would God feel when you compare all that you have and who you are to someone else?

In you God is building greatness, so do not compare your beginning with someone else’s middle, we all have different paths, different assignments and above all different ways God uses to speak to us all individually, empower yourself and let God lead. I read somewhere that ‘Sometimes our greatest heart work takes place when we acknowledge where we are the least thankful. When we step honestly into areas of ingratitude, it has the power to change us. We run back to Jesus, aware of the immense gifts we’ve been given.