So as you all know EUW launched our self-love campaign this January, the aim of this campaign is to do with the importance of self-love, why it is important to invest in yourself and love yourself. With practical steps and tools to do so, in this campaign there will be different people from different walks of life sharing their testimonies, struggles and encouragement to you. More info can be found via our youtube page- I pray you will be blessed by what we share.

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Dear Father,

Help us to be better in our ways, help us to trust in you even when we feel as though that situation we are in is too difficult, may we stand firm on your promises, love, assurance and our faith in you to see us through. Heavenly Father you are all we need in life, may we be patient in our ways and focused on you to lead us to greater and better. We thank you for being our Father and trust in you in all our ways. So help us Father. Amen

JOSHUA 1:9 ‘Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.’

Whatever you face in life, always be encouraged to know that God has you and has not left you. In Joshua 1:9 there are different points we can take away from it to be encouraged and reminded of God’s hand upon us. No matter how difficult life gets and what is thrown our way we must remember whose we are and all He has promised us. No man is above God and no man can cause you to miss out on all that God has for you.

We must learn to be our best encouragers because even though others can encourage us, it will not always be constant, people can be fickle and so they will encourage you today and tomorrow be the same ones condemning your actions. You should never expect to receive affirmations and encouragement 24/7 from man, it will not happen and keeps one unstable and unsure of self if they do not receive this.

Know the promises of God and recite them to yourselves when you need to pull through a situation mentally and spiritually, alongside prayers. The presence of the Lord is upon us always so it is best to go to Him always and not as second best. We have every reason and right to be strong, bold and courageous because of whose we are.

Let us break this scripture down-

-       ‘Have I not commanded you?’

By asking this Q one can say it could be seen as a rhetorical Q, God was testing and reminding Joshua, for the simple fact that when God commands us we must follow and trust in Him. No matter how difficult situations are around us. We must hold on and know that for Him to command us to do something, has our best interest at heart.

-       ‘Be strong and courageous’ –

To be strong is to ‘have the power to move and carry heavy weights, to fulfil demanding tasks, to perform well, to be a powerful leader, to withstand force, pressure, to not easily be disturbed and upset or affected.’

Notice the powerful definition of someone who is strong, and that someone is all of us, we must be strong willed and able to endure when trials come our way, God is asking us to be strong, because ahead of time He sees what we will face and the determination and requirement it takes to maintain being strong. Under His right hand, we cant be weak and say we are God’s children because His requirement is for us to be strong willed and He will help us to be this, because in our own might we will always fail but with Him we exceed our own abilities and strength.

‘To be courageous is ‘not be deterred by danger or pain, but to be brave.’ To not be prevented or discouraged when danger befalls us, because we have God, we can face all struggles and danger that comes our way. A courageous person does not bow down to danger, but walks through it with the mindset that they will endure and come out untouched because every situation that has a beginning has an ending too.

-       ‘Do not be afraid’

To be afraid is to have the feeling of fear or anxiety, to be frightened and to worry. Firstly, it instructs us in Phil 4:6 ‘Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.’

The bible instructs us to not be anxious but to pray over everything, God knows that as humans we will face things and worry over them, feel anxiety and not cope, so He instructs us to pray, to take away that anxiety, be equipped to handle what comes our way and communicate our worries with Him and not others, to stay focused - on track not distracted by anxieties and fear, that rob us of our joy. As it also says in 2 Tim 1:7 ‘For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power (to do exploits), love (to exude His love to others) and self-control’ to be led in spirit and not in flesh.

When we look at the natural we can get carried away with what we see and if not careful will let that dictate our actions and distance us from God. He is telling us to not allow ourselves to be crippled by fear and what we see in the natural, when the spiritual is yet to manifest the answers to our prayers.


-       ‘Do not be discouraged.’

To be discouraged is to lose confidence or enthusiasm, or be disheartened. God is telling us not to be discouraged, we can have good times and feel like everything is great, but that doesn’t mean we wont face bad times and its in those bad times we should not fall into being discouraged, when all things are temporary and doesn’t last forever, don’t allow your joy and peace to be robbed based on temporary situations, that you can pray your way through.

-       ‘For the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.’

He finishes of this command reminding and assuring us that He will be with us wherever we go, His hand will never depart from us, He will never leave us nor forsake us. Let us be reminded of this and not act as if we are alone the moment tough times come.





A year today the Empowered United Women Ministry had our first conference – Renewing the faith and restoring love back into women’s lives. 

The holy spirit had His way and indeed we had a blessed time in His presence, it was beautiful to see the ladies re-surrender their all to God and be stripped of what was holding them captive. It very easy for us to act as though we have it all together when really our inner man is being starved of prayer and intimacy with God and the word. We need to remember that in our walk it is not just about maintaining our exterior but to look after ourselves internally and whatever we may harbour in our hearts without knowing. May we continue to let God have His way in our lives as we go forward and do not be afraid to be transparent and open with others about what He has delivered you from.

Renewing the faith and restoring love back into women’s lives – This concept was laid as a firm reminder to us all that there is more to us than our weave, makeup, fancy clothes and smiles. Beneath all of this that is shown there are many women who are walking around carrying dead weight, are battered, in pain and uncomfortable in themselves. As sad as it is, it is happening a lot and must not be ignored. To show the seriousness of this, was at an event and at our conference and saw thick heavy dark clouds in the room above the ladies, to signify the pain, struggles, lowness and hardship many face but do not confront all in the hopes of thinking it will go away. But rather it gets worse and eventually you can no longer run from what you never faced in the first place.

It is important for us as, God’s daughters to know our worth, that we are beautiful and the exterior doesn’t define us, we are strong, set apart, special and His Queens. But it is when we walk in fleshly ways that all this seems strange and you count yourself out because of emotions and experiences you have not yet deal with. With all that you go through remember there is a ROOT and you must get to the root of that issue and why you are the way you are and let God in to do a heart surgery and mind renewal.

To avoid you carrying dead weight and unresolved issues. He is your source, He loves you and wants to hear from you don’t shut Him out or blame Him, rather let His words be your words, receive your healing and let Him use you. You have a past yes, but that doesn’t disqualify you, remember as it says in 2Cor 5:17 – ‘Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away, behold THE NEW HAS COME'. Do not count yourself out because of your past when in Christ you are made a new creation and all old habits, mistakes and other things you did are now a thing of the past. Align yourself with how God sees you and let your truth be His.

Thank you to all the ladies who helped in making our first conference a special, memorable one, all those who took part on the day, those who prayed and encouraged us all. And to the ladies who came God richly bless you all. Thank you.







Dear Father,

Thank you for our lives, thank you for healing, direction, strength, boldness and more, to help us go forward in all we do in life. I pray that those who are reading this will be encouraged by your words to have a better understanding of transparency and why it is important to be that way, living an unashamed impact here on earth. We wont always understand why things happen to us but we are to trust and believe in you to see us through it. May you make our crocked paths straight and work on any broken areas that need fixing. Have your way in all we do and say and may your name alone be glorified in all we do. So help us Father in your name we pray. Amen

What does it mean to be transparent?

To be transparent is to be open, to share what you have been through and how it has affected you. When you are transparent you are no longer ashamed, you are open and free to discuss what you have passed through to be able to help another who is going through similar. Your transparency will come across to others as someone who is bold, honest and sincere to let others into their world. It means you are not afraid and no longer bound by the things you were going through, in your transparent moments you can receive your healing and grow more spiritually.

You have nothing to hide because as it says in 2 Cor 5:17 ‘therefore if anyone, is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old has passed away behold, the new has come’

By this it says that, we are no longer those same people who did those things in the past, so now that we have become born again and know God, are made whole and renewed to be and do better. We no longer define ourselves based on our old selves, but we now define ourselves based on how God sees us. You more or less have the new-found freedom to speak and act with God leading you, you are no longer bound but set free.


-People see your struggles and what you have battled with.

-There is no shame or fear to speak out

-You can receive your healing by being open as led to

-When God heals and delivers you – it is so that you can be a source of encouragement for those He has called you to serve

-There should be no judging when transparent moments are being shared- no one is perfect and the past is the past

-The fact that you are being transparent with others does not mean you are weak or emotional

-There is no time to be selfish, share what God has done and embrace the changes, you are no longer that lost person in the world.

-Strength comes from being transparent and wise in your steps

- With transparency comes obedience. Move when God says to move and speak

-You may have made all those mistakes but doesn’t mean God cannot use you

-Let His light shine upon you to be a blessing to many, from your mess comes a message and from all those tests comes a testimony. Despite what people say know where your truth comes from

-Galatians 2:20 – ‘I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who lives but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me’

To be transparent is to know who God is and have an intimate relationship with Him. When you know who He is and follow Him your assurance and trust in Him develops to be more content in who you are and accept that though you did what you did in the past you are no longer that same person. Do not feel the need to sugar coat all that God has done for you, it takes away the power of the transformation, it is when you lay it all out that you see step by step exactly what He has done and why your faith in Him should not be shaken. When you see this, you are encouraged and know that no matter what is to come you can face it because He will see you through it all.

The moment you can be transparent is to show others that the same God who saved you in the past and delivered you from all your troubles is the same God that you are looking to now who still working things out for your good- Romans 8:28

Whatever it may be that you have, or are passing through, God is still faithful now and forever more and will never change, in knowing this when we lay down our lives it will take us to the point of saying it is no longer my will but your will be done- to take up your cross boldly and follow Him. Not to say you wont face things going forward because we know that we cannot escape troubles in our lives especially when we are believers. The devil is forever trying to bring us down, but with God we know that despite all that He will see us through.

Be an example of His ambassadors here on earth and do not be ashamed because others may ridicule you, they just lack the spiritual maturity to see all that God has done for you. Keep on going regardless you are not here to please people, but only please God – Gal 1:10

Be encouraged and know that your story carries weight, a purpose and encouragement for others, you may not understand why when you are in that situation, but when you come out you will see His goodness and forever give thanks.

God bless you all