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At Funjalis Cleaning Services we ensure that we offer nothing but the best in our services. it's what we do and we're really good at it, let us give you the freedom to pursue other things you have to do and take the cleaning off your to do list. To offer you high standard results, hiring a professional cleaning service is actually an incredibly good idea. We're able to meet your requirements and get the job done in time, with our competitive rates. We offer services for commercial cleaning, domestic cleaning, end of tenancy agreements, one off cleaning and more. 



If you want to enjoy the best African shito it is time to spend a couple of minutes to prepare it yourself for the best result. So try this shito mix today and you will not be disappointed at what you will taste. The ready made shito can also be requested for large orders for different occasions such as birthday parties, weddings and any type of gatherings.

Happy eating

Shito Team




I'm Jesse, the face behind the lens here at JesseKonadu Photography. I have been a lover of photography since my early teens, but it was at the age of 22 years that I bought my own camera. Now I'm 23 and within a short space of time my love for photography has blossomed immensely. It's the smiles, the laughs, the hugs and the expressions you see on a daily basis  that makes life so beautiful. The ability to capture an preciously intimate moment and freeze it for a lifetime is the driving force behind why I do what I do. From engagements to events, to food and more...there are so many moments to capture.




Artikulate is an online store specialising in Contemporary & Christian art, as well as African textiles and textile-based products. It was founded by Rebecca Oloidi in 2015, an art graduate, based on her passion for experimental art and for redefining expression through art through specific elements such as colours, accessories & textures used in the creation process.




It’s Time to Heal is for the young woman that secretly has enough of life and the constant battle of feeling insecure in herself; she is intentional about breaking out from her secret struggles, but still seeks to compare herself with others. Yes, she desires to be healed, but her past is battling with her future. She knows what it is like to feel left out and often ends up hidden in the corner broken. No one knows the real agony she faces, so she puts it on with a smile and a few laughs. But little did she know that something is missing: HEALING. This book is a guide that reminds her of the Father’s love and His promise in Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give YOU a future and a hope”. She will be uplifted knowing that her future is bright and that healing is available when she makes the choice.


Passionate about people and food - Jennifer of Cuisine Supreme style of cooking is adventurous with the love of experimenting with different spices and food, cooking is the way she express her love for family and friends.

So Who Does the Cooking? Everything is lovingly cooked by Jennifer and her team. All ingredients are fresh, leading to genuinely flavoursome home cooked meals.

What are Jennifer’s Qualifications? Jennifer has a Health & Food Hygiene, Food Allergy certificate and First Aid Certificate and has been awarded 5 starts by the Food Standards Agency (Newham Council) 2016.  City and Guilds Professional Cookery (Preparation and Cooking), holds a PTTLS certificate (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector) and a DTLLS Certificate (Diploma in the Lifelong Learning Sector) .


Aspire To Empower was a vision planted within two young women, with the purpose of cultivating a current generation of young people to become inspired by their unacknowledged gifts and talents, in order to empower others through their example.

Aspire To Empower acknowledges the diverse socioeconomic issues our young generation face. As a result their work reflects their heart for less fortunate and dis-empowered young people. The founders of Aspire To Empower, Vernice Wint and Danyele Lawes both speak on Aspire To Empower being a way of life. They both strongly believe that being the change you wish to see within your communities is one of the first steps to real change and empowerment. Each day they strive to empower others through their example, with the hope that others would strive to do the same. All projects are developed to meet the needs of the young person.


Mrs Olawunmi Biriyok, MIoD, FRSA, Principal Solicitor of Biriyok Show Solicitors, London, holds a BSc Degree in International Studies and an LLB Hons (Lon).  A Christian Lawyer and Author of inspirational books – her debut book being “Walk the Walk and stop just talking the talk”. She has since released a second inspirational book “The Manual for Righteous Living”. All her books and works do indeed inspire virtuous character and are also a valuable addition to every Christian’s devotional library.


The best way to reach tomorrow's goal,  to start today. We want to constantly remind you, through our brand, to achieve success. We would also like to reach different demographics and inspire people worldwide who have the same dream of succeeding.

Our vision is to establish a clothing line whose brand will not only be accepted in North America, but also in other parts of the world.