Empowered United Women Ministry aims to help women strengthen their walk in Christ. Many ladies are walking around suppressed, oppressed, frustrated, angry and bitter because of past events that have shaken them up to not want to trust men again, their friendships with women and even betrayal from their family.  

More about Empowered United Women Ministry-

A deliverance ministry from pain and hardship - whether in relationships, family issues, self-harming, depression, rejection and others.

Raise awareness on issues women face on a daily basis.

To spread the word of God and walk in accordance to what is written.

Strengthen our relationships with God and make changes within ourselves.

To empower women to let them know that they are enough, they are worth it, they are unique and set part.

We understand that every woman is called to do great and mighty things in the kingdom and want to break the cycle of excuses and self-doubt to come together to support each special woman.

To break the vicious cycle of how women are seen – as backbiting, competitive, envious beings where there is no love and division.

Uniting women from all walks of life.

Helping women realise their self-worth.

Strengthening relationships in the kingdom.

Teach, counsel and mentor ladies of different ages.

To help women realise and walk in their purpose.

God bless you all